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Si tu parles pas anglais tu oublis


Pas terrible

My favorite RSS reader

And I tried many. Perfect for anyone who wants to be able to read *offline*

Best RSS reader

I totally love this app! Its useful for people who have daily access to bad-quality 3G connection. Its just a matter of refreshing the feeds list right in the morning at home and enjoy the articles while on subway or bus. Plus, its THE alternative to usual RSS readers. It caches the whole article. Just a request: it would be very appreciated if you guys update it to an iOS 7 layout. Id be really grateful.

Very accessible app with voice over

I like this app a lot. It is really well done. If you are looking for an accessible version for reading feeds get this one!

Ein super Rss-reader nur leider nicht auf Deutsch

dies ist ein sehr guter Rss-reader. die Artikel können Runtergeladen werden also man muss nicht auf die Webseite wechseln um den gesamten artikel zu lesen. auch unterstützung für voiceover für blinde User sind da. Dear Developer, i like that App very very much. but i hope in the future, there will come a Translation in German! Thanks a lot for the great Voiceover support and for this thing, that this nice app is accessible. Much other Developers can do that also, but i know, that so many People dont know about Voiceover! thanks and i hope, there are much nice Funktions in the next updates. Happy birthday, for lire ;-)

Great interface

The modern rss reader. Double tap for full screen is a good thing. Huge bug where landscape font size isnt the same when in portrait mode.

This is a great app

Sound should be off by default. A nice touch would be to mute the sound of the Sound switch turning off, and play the sound of it turning on (currently the opposite). Also, adding a new feed should refresh it automatically. Keep up the great work.

Lire is the best rss app I have ever used.

Thank you to the people at lire for making this app so voiceover accessible. This is a wonderful app and I use it all of the time. I highly recommend it.

Great app

Indispensable to me. Ive tried tons of rss apps and this is by far the best.


Not happy with this app at all. I want my money back, please.

Favorite News Aggregator

Lire is my favorite. Allows offline caching; great for my data plan and my pocket book. I like the clean interface as Im a minimalist and hate large clunky interfaces. If I wanted my iPad and iPhone to display news like a newspaper I would go buy one. Keep up the great app. Love it


かなりひどい出来。 設定画面がたった3項目しかない。 "User Interface Sound"と"Retrieve full text articles"と"Articles per feed : 10"だけ。 同期がすごく遅い。 記事一覧からフィード一覧に戻って、また同じ記事一覧を見ようとすると、また読み込み。たった10記事しかないのに再度表示するのに10秒くらいかかったり。 キャッシュできるのは1フィードに付き10記事まで。それ以上は50記事まで450円払えと。 ちなみにRSSのない記事もオフラインキャッシュできる、という機能はあるが、正常動作せず。 文字化けで読めない以前に、ページのほとんどが半分もキャッシュされていない。 ちなみにRSS配信されていない部分の読み込みは一応大体できていた。「大体」というのは、画像がキャッシュされないものが多いため。再度読み込み直しても読み込めない画像は同じ。 動画がキャッシュできるとサポートサイトにはあるけど、静止画ですらだめなので、当然まったく機能せず。 なおGoogle Reader同期ではない。(これは説明に書いてある)

Works great with VoiceOver

This app helps me a lot with catching news on the internet. It is one of my favorite app on my iPhone.

Worst Customer Support

The app has some bugs such as with image caching within articles. I mention this and ask when we shall expect an update to the developer and the response I get is "It will be ready when its ready". He also accuses me of interrupting him by asking. The last update was 9 months ago which did not fix anything and I asked only once about the next update since then. Better to pay more for alternatives than getting this treatment.


Ive tried a lot of different readers but this one is the best. Its simple, fast, easy on the eyes and its free :)

Nice app

Thanks for OPML support. Would be great to have auto-fetching for feeds titles as well.

Works on 7.1 now

But: 1) It wont show "Paste" command very often when adding a new feed with the whole URL in Clipboard. 2) Then it makes "Flesky" keyboard installation obligatory when trying to paste URL into a new feed! Would you please remove this. 3) There is no way to open the app right to my Subscriptions list. I always have to tap on it. Too much of a tapping game this way. 4) And no way to disable icons in news lists. They are cluttering up the list. The speed drops down. And they look terrible.

I like it.

The best

Best of the best

Great for reading news, probably the most useful app Ive ever used. Please add syncing between devices.

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